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Skills, Capabilities & Characteristic Assessment

We follow the important pillars of assessing the best individual for you organization by intense psychometric, psychomotor and wellbeing evaluation instruments which guarantees the choice of the best individuals. They can upgrade culture, moderate risk and enhance profitability, culture and wellbeing.

While the management department are planning the hiring and employment, it is HR department whose work is to control and manage all the process of recruitment. This responsibility start from the beginning of the hiring process to the very end of selection of the candidate.

We not only just manage hiring, recruiting or giving solutions. Our department is also responsible for controlling the actions and behavior taken by the candidate. It is us who keep them in discipline and terminate them by the policies and rule book made.

What to Assess:

Set of rules are always better, they make order in the organization and keep everything in balance. Making HR policies and some handbook rule for the employees is good in organizing good management in the corporate.

We keep an eye on all the ideas that is going to be implied in the organization or are already running. These solutions must be focused and non-resource wasting. We always make sure that whatever the solution we are implanting is optimized and profiting.

We make track of all the information and facts that is directly or indirectly connected to the candidate and the organization. These information may be hectic in keeping them up to date but these are essential in reducing the employer liability.

If you can't explain what you are looking for then can you get that? Same is with the job post. If you want resources for a field you must clarify all the necessity that is require by that job post. If the description is good and understandable, chances of getting responses increases.

People are now also expecting other good benefits from the organization than the salary. They are demanding of health insurance, traveling benefits, family and medical leaves and other benefits. These are increasing complexity of organization. It is our duty to resolve these issues.

There are many compensations and terms of working, discrimination law for the employees governed by the state and federal department. Every rule that suits your policy and do not affect the objectives of any individual or organization must be applies to every employee without any bias.

Three Way of Assessment-

Psychometric Testing-

We do a comprehensive testing to evaluate candidate's cognitive ability, personality, work style, motivations and values.

Psychomotor assessment

A series of tests to enable you to recognize the relationship between what your hopeful's mind instructs them to do and their body's particular responses. Testing includes situational mindfulness and your hopeful's capacity to distinguish and react to risk adequately.

Safety assessment

We provide you protected and gainful workforce. We quickly verify the candidates to ensure that they have all the right tickets and training required as well as the best mindset for the role.