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Screening & Assessment

We see a candidate from every different angle possible. We make sure we have enough screening process so we can understand the candidate layer by layer and deliver you the best among all.

Screening is the similar to the assessment but it is like, if assessment is theoretical part then screening is a practical part. As explained in assessment section that assessment is grabbing the data of the attributes on the candidate and then running them through the system. This system analysis give big idea of the candidates that may fit to the organization. Here because of this 'MAY' screening is introduced.

Only on the basis on the paper you can't make judgment of the behavior and character one carry. This is the reason we need to analyze a candidate other than his/her documents. A team of executive who have a brilliancy and experience of their field. This knowledge help them in see through the candidate.

This is how the Screening goes:

Problem Facing: Giving a candidate a problem that is related to the skills that is in need of the by the organization. Or the problems that require potential and strategic planning. These will help in analyzing a candidate's behavior, problem solving skills and strategy making skills.

Problem Finding: Solving a problem is totally different than finding one. Giving a candidate a plan or strategy that have some flaws then this will reveal another side of the candidate. If a person can't find the problem then what are the chances of solving it.

Questioning: Question a candidate about the normal thing or some usual specific things. These kind of question either make him ease or stressed and these excessive condition make him taking either good or bad decision. Good quick decisions pay a good executive well.

Hidden Key Factors: Some candidate have key factors like multilayer, cross functional, increasing profitability and margin, connecting the dots and data driven. Sometime these skills are hidden in the candidate and it is our duty find them put them on work with those skills.

Question their Strategies: Candidate that work by thinking in strategic way usually are more productive and work efficiently in all manner. Questioning their strategy will let you see how their strategy is working. This gives you an extra point to see if the candidate is qualified or not for the post.