Recruitment Agency Victoria | Technology


We have a separate technology team that is in charge of delivering special recruitments and HR advisory experts to help you achieve targeted business goals through our tech-specialists.

HR Crux has joined forces with many technology specialists through its vast network of professionals. We are special in creating one of the most extraordinary recruitment services in Australia that have experience and background in technology.

There are some technologies we are working with:

Social Recruitment: Social Media is the ways to reach maximum crowd in a short time period. Current scenario of the job seeker is that they do not want to be seen being hunted by these job posters. This kind of thing is taken as the stalking by these new generation. So best way to make indirect approach through the social media with a friendly face.

Building Bonds: By connecting through the social media to the seekers is not just enough. If one is hiring them there must be relationship between them. Whether it is slow process of connecting with people but it makes better talent pools than the social media.

Marketplaces: Many seeker take help of the consulting organizations to broad their reach toward the thing they want. These consultant services are like an extension of the job seekers. But connecting with large numbers of the candidate Consulting Company make good pool of talents.

Artificial Intelligence: As we all know human is made to do errors and mistakes. To suppress these mistakes solution providers made a system of algorithm that can process right candidate for right post without hitting any defect or suppressing these mistake of letting a talent miss his/her opportunity.

It's clear that HR Crux is using technology for several key reasons. In part technology adoption helps them to streamline their recruitment processes and improve recruiter productivity. In part technology helps ensure compliance and addresses concerns around diversity hiring and protects the business from discrimination claims. Without doubt recruitment technologies also help companies to attract candidates and improve the candidate experience.

The danger for recruitment businesses is that if companies become heavily wedded to technologies for these reasons - and the corresponding benefits they bring the business - then any recruitment agency not working in a similar fashion will look increasingly less like they're part of the solution to their recruitment problems. Impact we found best with our technology-Expanding Applicant Pool Receiving Applications. Initial Screening for Positions. Final Selection. Overall Success in Implementing Technologies Avoiding Adverse Impact.